Cake Decorating Tools on Amazon

13 Responses to “Links”

  1. DCRose Says:

    Great site. I really enjoyed the visit.

  2. DCRose, Thank you. Please come visit us often.

  3. SuziQ Says:

    Thanks for sharing your talents. Your decorating tips have helped me many times when making cakes for family and friend’s celebrations. It is amazing what one can do with icing and fondant and you are one of the most creative I’ve seen!

  4. PEIGI Says:


    I just wanted to add my thanks for your blog. I found some important information that I needed.

    Thank you
    Peigi Midey

    1. HI Peigi, Thank you for visiting this blog and hope to see you here again!

  5. Cindy Says:

    Not sure is this is where I can post this question but I need help.

    I made a homeade cake to decorate with fondant and it didnt rise properly and it was very heavy. Im wondering if I would be able to use a box cake and get better results. As well do you have any tips like a rule of thumb on how high to fill your cake pans etc. I need to know because I have some cake orders and I want the cakes to cook properly.

    Thank you for a reply.
    This site is great!!!!

    1. Hi Cindy, I think this is a duplicate of your question. I have already responded but posting here again.

      Hi Cindy,

      All cakes look even on top because the cake dome gets cut off with a serrated knife from the cake after the cake has cooled. However, if this is not your question the following can help:

      1) Make sure you are baking your cake at 350degrees -or- 325 for a glass pan.

      2) Make sure your oven has uniform heating, so that it can produce a good cake that rises evenly.

      3) Make sure your cake is centered in the middle of the oven to allow for heat to flow evenly around it. If you put the pan too close to any of the sides, the heat will not flow evenly around the baking dish. This could cause your cake to raise slightly higher on one end or the other.

      4) Here is the best one . You can use strips around the pan of your cake so that it will lower the temperature of the outside of the cake so that it cooks evenly with the center of your cake. I have posted a link to this strips in my previous post for torting a cake here:

      For more information on torting, filling and icing a cake, see my previous post:

  6. jayesha Says:

    very use full site.i like very much,,,thank all

  7. jayesha Says:

    can you tell me,what are the correct ingredient to make the royal iceing.

  8. Annie Says:

    I’ve visited many sites and have to say this one is both the most approachable and leaves one feeling rather, well pleased with oneself for having followed ‘all that’. 🙂 Thanks much, and it’s bookmarked, as I’ll have many, many needs in the future.
    ( Artist-turned-cake/cupcake decorator, ahem. )

  9. Annie Says:

    Great blog! I want to take up cake-making as a new hobby, and have already bookmarked several cake tools off Amazon. Any tips for first-timers?

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