Ok, I was browsing the web and I found this. I’m really curious how this works and how useful it will be. I guess I have to wait until they post any videos, but here is the information and the link to the product.

Online-only preview April 12, HSN Network Premiere April 14

From the people who brought you the Gypsy and turned the world of scrapbooking on its head, comes the Cricut Cake Personal Electronic Cutter. Launching exclusively at HSN, this design system is specifically for decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies and confections – making crafting sweeter than ever!

Similar to existing Cricut machines, the Cricut Cake is made with stainless steel for easy cleaning and safe for use with food. It is also compatible with existing Cricut cartridges.



First of all, I would like to thank everyone for visiting this blog.  I enjoy visitors comments very much and I cherish the information shared by all of you.  Since I started this blog I have received several messages of visitors finding this blog informational and useful.  It makes me happy when people ‘discover’ this site.

I am opening this new blog title because I would like visitors to let me know if there are any specific requests, such as cake decorating techniques or recipes that they would like to see added to this blog.  Most of my visitor come searching for specific stuff and I’m glad that they find it.  If you feel that you would like to see more information on this or that, please feel free to share that with me.  I would like to increase the type of information shared therefore I am asking for requests. 

I have several cake decorating techniques coming on the way, but I am waiting to get pictures so it can be less difficult to follow.  Thank you for visiting and sharing.

I have found the most convenient way to transport cakes.  I have to do this often, and most of the cake caddies that I have found do not have secure locks with wide and steady handles.  Try this 3-in-1 Cake Caddy, so far it is being so helpful and very convenient.  It has a deep cover for tall cakes.  Also, you can tranpost cupcakes!!!!  

If you are new at cake decorating, you can buy the 50pc tool set by Wilton.  The kit includes tips, couplers, spatula, decorating brush, featherweight decorating bags, food coloring, a board for practicing decorating with frosting and an instruction booklet all enclosed in a very useful caddy.  Check it out!!Also, there is a bigger kit by wilton with 101 pcs, but I think the 50 pcs tool set will do.  You can add whatever is missing by buying them individually as the need arises.