Star Tip Decoration

The little mermaid cake was a hit at this 7th birthday party!!  All the girls wanted to eat Ariel’s flower and the boys wanted to eat the eyes… yes, that’s kids nature :). This time, I stayed away from the typical chocolate cake and ventured with a “peaches and cream” cake. A regular sour cream cake with pieces of peaches and filled with pastry filling (similar to whipped cream) with peach pieces as well in order to stay in the same flavor subject. The cake was then covered in butter cream using the star tip method.  It was a hit with both children and adults alike!


Tip: 16

Consistency: Medium 


This technique is achieved in one continous rotation.  They are used for border decorations, for toping a cake to achieve a modern look, as hair in some character cakes, and for candleholders on top of a cake.

Place the tip slighlty above the cake and form a big star. Move the tip sideways but on top of the star and complete a rotation (if you start at 12:00 continue pressure and rotation until you reach 9:00, relieve pressure and continue until 12:00 to complete rotation).  Lift tip away and towards center of rosette.  VOILA!!! 

I made this cake for my friend’s B-day party this last weekend.  She enjoyed it very much!!!!


About this cake:

Cake: Marble cake with dulce de leche filling. 

Frosting: Buttercream.

Decoration and color: Colored cake icing with ‘violet’ gel. Used white rosettes to top the cake.  White shell border on bottom border.  Sprinkled edible confetti.

 Check Out “Icing Recipes” and tips for decorating with rosettes as shown on picture above.

Use star tip to decorate cakes easily giving it a ridged icing texture.  Use Medium consistency to make sure the stars stay in place and hold that sharp edge 3-D form.

  • Use start tip 21
  1. Fill a bag with medium consistency icing. 
  2. Position the bag at a 90 degree angle (straight up)  from the surface of the cake.  Make sure the tip is not touching the cake.  The tip should be about 2 millimeters away from the surface. 
  3. Squeeze the bag without moving the tip until you reach the desired thickness of the star (big or small).  This will form your star. 
  4. Stop squeezing and pull away and up slowly (to make sure the icing stays on the cake and doesn’t lift with the tip).

TIP- Star tip decorating for large cakes:

To cover a large area of a cake in a painless and faster way, use the Triple Star Tip.  This tip will form three stars next to each other at once!!!!

Check out this tip sets:  Master Tip Set-55 pcs and  Delux Tip Set- 28 pcs.