I try to make my life less complicated when decorating cakes.  Although I love using brush for painting, making a little mistake can take a while to repair.  When trying to paint zebra patterns over white fondant it can get even measier. So here is a quick and easy wait to get perfect zebra patterns on fondant.

All you need is:
  • White fondant
  • Dark fondant (chocolate in this picture)

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You will need:
  • Brown Fondant
  • Gel colors (brown or black for the nose and eyes)
  • Spaghetti (to support the head of the bear, and if you like, the limbs as well)
  • Toothpick
  • One piping tip (any size)

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I enjoyed making this pink fondant teddy bear.  It was fun and very easy. The step-by-step instructions below may seem too long, but it just me posting so many pictures… so don’t be discouraged.  Before I begin, I would like to first say: don’t worry how your teddy bear is looking like as you make it, it all comes together at the end.
You will need:
1. Pink fondant for the teddy bear
2. A small amount of dark fondant for the scarf
3. A small amount of additional colored fondant for the silk rose (in this case orange) 
4. Black gel food color for eyes and nose
5. Any icing tip for mouth markings
6. A fondant baller
7. Piping gel (or food flavoring or vodka) to ‘glue’ fondant pieces
8. Decorating brush / Pearl dust brush (optional)
9. Wilton cutter / embosser
10. Like always, toothpicks (esential tools for cake decorating)
11. Read, “Working with Fondant” that I have previously posted.

I created this fun and colorful Tinkerbell cake for a baby shower in late November. The mom-to-be was a chocoholic, so I themed the flavor of this cake as “Death by Chocolate”.

The cake was … CLICK HERE for full post.

1. Roll fondant 1/16 in thick in desired color.

2. Cut 2 bow loops, 1 bow center and 2 streamers using a Fondant Cutter.

3. Cleck HERE for full post

I made this cake for a babyshower last Friday.  I really wanted to create something funky yet adorable, so I came up with a slice of cake with adorable fondant bear toppers.  The cake came out bigger than I thought it would as I ended up stacking 4 layers of cake.  It was then frosted and covered with fondant. Green ruffle is buttercream.

I made the bears ahead of time out of fondant and painted the paws, the nose and the eyes with black food coloring.  The top bear is mama bear holding the newborn cub in her arms.  The bottom bear is papa bear.  The mother decided to keep the bear toppers so she can use them as cake toppers for the baby’s first year cake.

This cake was actually 4 layer of chocolate cake with two fillings of chocolate mousse and one layer of “dulce de leche” (similar to caramel).  It was so yummy!!

I just made this cake this weekend.  It really was so much fun and very entertaining to design the dress and dressing her up in it. 

The barbie cake is chocolate chocolate chunk oced with fudge.  The rose cake is strawberry cake with strawberry filling and iced with white fluffy vanilla buttercream.

The dress is all fondant. The white decorations on the white portion of the dress are white buttercream piped with a small round tip.  The rose cake is covered with fondant, the ruffle is white buttercream and the roses are fondant.  Check how to make fondant roses here.

Here is a link to the mold I used for this Stand up Doll Pan

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