Edible flowers

I’m bringing this post to the top as I have added several tutorial links. My next flower should be the Victorian rose and the buttercream rose (worth the wait). I will be adding more flowers to this Index in the coming weeks. I hope you enjoy working with these flowers.

Please use this post as a flower name and step-by-step instructions reference:

Victorian roses



Click HERE for Daisy flower step-by-step instructions.


Click HERE for Pansy flower step-by-step instructions.


Click HERE for Chrysanthemum flower step-by-step instructions.


Click HERE for Primrose flower step-by-step instructions.

Violet and violet leaf

Violet and Leaf 
Click HERE for Violet flower step-by-step instructions.
Click HERE for Violet leaf step-by-step instructions.


Click HERE for Daffodil flower step-by-step instructions.


Pansies are one of my favorite royal icing flowers becuase they look so complicated, but they are not. If you have tried the other flower tutorials I have previously posted, then trying this flower out should not be difficult. Pansies are found in nature in different colors, including all yellow or all dark blue. Add color by painting over them when dry or using color striped bag. Refer to the Flower Index for more flower instructions.

Click here for step-by-step instructions

The primrose flower is a medium sized flower with heart shaped petals. You can find these flowers in different colors, including all yellow, blue with yellow centers and purple with yellow centers. These flowers are accent flowers that add a touch of elegance to any cake. Refer to the Flower Index for other flower’s step-by-step instructions

Click here for step-by-step instructions


Chrysanthemum Flower


Tips: #5 and #81 (Master Tip Set, Measuring Cups and Tool Set)
Icing: Buttercream – Medium Consistency
Icing color: Your choice
Prepared Flower Nail (attach wax paper square)


Click HERE for full step-by-step instructions



  • Tip: 104, 3 and 1

  • Royal Icing: One color – yellow

  • Consistency: medium



  • Tip: 104 and 5

  • Royal Icing: Two colors- Petals (white) and yellow center.

  • Consistency: Medium

Although daisies are found in nature with white petals and yellow centers, it is fun to make them in any color you want in order to march the theme of your cake. 




Violet leafs add a pleasant full look to cakes. Since violet flowers are too small, I like placing them under the flower to bring out its details. Refer to Flower Index.   

Violet Leaf 



Violet and Leaf



  • Tip: 103

  • Royal Icing: Green (one color)

  • Consistency: medium


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