Color Flow Icing

Once you have your baked cookies, there are endless ways to decorate your cookies.  Let your imagination fly!!!

For shiny smooth decorating (see the picture below), you can use COLOR FLOW.  Check the Color Flow RECIPE by cliking here, check the Color Flow TECHNIQUE by clicking here.


You can also use the same color flow technique by watering down your Royal Icing recipe.  The result will be similar to color flow, just opaque (i.e., not a shiny finish).

You can also use star tip decoration.  I use royal icing for cookies because the buttercream doesn’t really dry as well and can make the cookie soft.  Also, royal icing and color flow work best if you want to wrap the cookie in plastic bags. 


Cookie Bouquet ideas: click on the links to see pictures

Flower Cookie Bouquet
Hallloween Bouquet

In order to fill poutlines you need to thin the colro flow icing. To do so you must add water until you are able to spoon out a small amount of icing and let it drop back into the bowl.  Then do the 10 second rule: when it takes a full count of 10 for the icing to sink back into the mixture and disappear completely, the icing is ready.

Other recipes will tell you to add the water with few drops at a time.  Please do that because it is easier to fix a not to thinned icing than to fix a too thinned icing.  I usually start with 2 teaspoons for a whole recipe then continue with few drops at a time.


**Use full strenght color flow to outline pattern.** 

  1. Fill a decorating bag with tip 2 with full strength color flow.
  2. Touch surface, sqeeze and lift your decorating bag filled with full strength color flow icing and drop icing string to form pattern outline. Stop, touch the surface and pull away. Blend lines using a damp decorators brush softly.
  3. Let outline dry a few minutes until it crusts.

 If using a different outlining color than the filling color, let the outlinign dry for 1-2 hours to prevent bleeding of colors.


**Use thinned color flow (Click here for “Thinning Color Flow” directions)**

  1. Use a brand new decorating bag (or parchment bag), that means, no whole or coupler.
  2. Fill the bag with thinned color flow.
  3. Push the icing to the tip.
  4. Cut a small opening at the tip of the bag.
  5. Begin filling along the outlines first and let the icing blend by itself.  Do not stop filling before completing the piece.
  6. Once you finish filling, very quickly push icing to the unfilled edges with a toothpick.
  7. Pierce bubbles with toothpick.
  8. Color flow dries very quickly with a shiny pillow effect.
  9. Let decoration air dry thoroughly at least 48 hrs.  If this is used on top of cookies, it will dry overnight.

Full strength consistency. Yields 1 3/4 cup

1 lb sifted pure cane confectioners’ sugar (4 cups)
2 tablespoons Color Flow Icing Mix ( I use WILTON Color Flow Mix
1/4 cup plus 1 teaspoon water.

Make sure all utensils are grease free. ** Tip: boil egg beaters to remove grease. **

  • Mix all ingredients starting at slow speed (stay at slow if using a stand mixer) and increase to medium (if using a hand mixer). 
  • Mix for 8 minutes.
  • Stir in desired icing colors (I use Wilton gel colors to keep full strength consistency).
  • Keep bowl covered with a damp cloth to avoid drying.  Color flow dries pretty fast.