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I try to make my life less complicated when decorating cakes.  Although I love using brush for painting, making a little mistake can take a while to repair.  When trying to paint zebra patterns over white fondant it can get even measier. So here is a quick and easy wait to get perfect zebra patterns on fondant.

All you need is:
  • White fondant
  • Dark fondant (chocolate in this picture)

For instructions please click HERE


How to Make a Cowboy Hat – Step-by-Step Instructions:

You’ll need:

gumpaste/fondant Mixture
– Small Cake (desired size of hat)
– Knive for carving
– Buttercream for frosting
Sewing wheel
Oval pans (optional)

Step-by-Step Instructions:

CLICK HERE for FULL Tutorial

How to Stack Cakes – without pillars
You’ll need:

Cake boardsfor each cake tier
– At least 3-4 dowel rods for each cake tier (except top tier)



How to Stack Cakes – With Pillars

There are many pillar sets out there.  Here is a quick link to Cake Pillars


Basket-Weave Cake PIC: Click Here


  • Tip: #47
  • Icing: Buttercream
  • Icing Consistency: Medium


For Full post and step-by-step instrucions for basket-weave technique CLICK HERE

How to make the flowers shown above: Click here for step-by-step instructions

1) Make a 3D Easter Egg CakeWilton Easter Egg Pan

Check out previous posts to help you decorate the cake:

2) Create wonderful easter cookie bouquettes:

Bunny Cookie Cutter (comfort grip)

Easter Egg Cookie Cutter

  • Cookie recipe
  • Cookie decorating
  • Checkout my pictures section for bouquette ideas.

You can also use stencils to help you decorate yout cookies: Easter Cookie Stencils

 Latest flower cookie bouquet: click here

Kits with Everything You Need to get Started:

Wilton 101-Decorating Tool Set


  • Tool caddy to organize, carry, and store the essentials
  • Collection of tools, colors, and food flavors to get you started
  • The tool caddy holds 48 tips and 12 paste food colors in a lift-out tray; upright storage prevents spills
  • Storage space for keeping your tools, such as: spatulas, bags, and other large supplies neatly organized
  • Tool caddy measures approximately 15 by 7 by 5 inches deep

Although the kit above is very complete, I really recommend starting with something smaller and adding the extra tools and stuff as you need them.

50-pcs Tool Set

  •  Includes tool caddy to organize, carry and store essentials
  • Includes food coloring (prime colors)
  • Comes with instruction booklet with ideas and texhnoques
  • includes a practice boards with templates for trials.


In order to avoid baking 2 cakes for a two layer cake, use a 3 inch deep cake pan.  Just bake one cake and tort by half for two layers or divide them into more layers.  I use the Wilton pan and I love it.

8 x 3-Inch Round Cake
10 x 3-Inch Round Cake
12 x 3-Inch Round Pan

Featherweight bags:
Wilton Piping Bags (feather weight)

Although I love featherweight bags they are sold individually at a very expensive prace (around $5 dlls each). In cake decorating you need plenty of them, specially if working with a lot of colors. I bought a couple of the featherweights and a bunch of the disposable ones. I use the disposable when I am using strong colors like red so I can always dispose them.

Piping Bags (diposable)

Decorating Tips and Tools:

The following is a good set, Master Tip Set
Measuring Cups and Tool Set

I’ve been asked several times if I have something to say about ‘color bleeding’. By using the frosting recipes shown here and gel food coloring, I have never faced this problem. However, color bleeding is caused by many other reasons. During the cake decorating classes that I have taken, I have always heard that other’s cake frosting or cookie decorations have faded.

The primary reason was that they were left to direct SUN-LIGHT EXPOSURE. Make sure your cakes or cookies are not exposed to direct sun-light as this can fade the colors.

Also, MOISTURE is not good for frosting as this may cause the colors to bleed. Make sure your frozen cakes are completely thawed before you decorate them with colored frosting. The moisture from the frozen cake as it thawes will ‘sweat’ and dilute frosting ruining its consistency and in some cases diluting the color. Also, when you store your cake, do not cover it in an air-tight container as the cake will sweat if the heat rises.

When using COLOR FLOW, if the outline color is diferent than the filling, make sure you let the outline dry for a couple of hours before you proceed to filling your piece as this may cause bleeding.

If anyone reading this has any more comments to add, please feel free to do so. The purpose of this blog is to share our knowledge, please help us achieve that.


Tip: 16

Consistency: Medium 


This technique is achieved in one continous rotation.  They are used for border decorations, for toping a cake to achieve a modern look, as hair in some character cakes, and for candleholders on top of a cake.

Place the tip slighlty above the cake and form a big star. Move the tip sideways but on top of the star and complete a rotation (if you start at 12:00 continue pressure and rotation until you reach 9:00, relieve pressure and continue until 12:00 to complete rotation).  Lift tip away and towards center of rosette.  VOILA!!! 

TIP: If you used meringue powder in your icing, wait 5-10 mins after icing the cake until this dries. Cut a large piece of wax paper and place it on top of the iced cake and smooth it with your hands by sliding your hand on top of the wax paper. Do the same for the sides of the cake. This will make your cake look smooth. Repeat steps if necessary.


I often hear people complain that their black icing did not come quiet black.  Here is some good advice:  a true shade of black cannot be obtained from white icing.  The black coloring will reduce to a gray or a very dimmed black color.  Before you start coloring, start with a chocolate icing, i.e.,  add cocoa powder to your icing before the black coloring.

Try working with gel colors, which to my opinion, pick up the color better than liquids and won’t change the consistency of your icing. This become very handy when working with royal icing and fondant which can change the consistency or make it hard to work with.


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