I made this small round cake for a friend’s tea call.  The fondant used for the drape, border and to cover the cake were made from scratch with Marshmallow Fondant (MMF) and covered with some pearl dust to give it a shine (I am not sure if you can tell from this picture).  I didn’t try to use MMF for the flowers, as I had these made previously.  The MMF behaved beautifully like the commercial fondant. I had made and stored this MMF for a week so it was a little hard to roll it thin. I found out that by heating it a little bit in the microwave, made it easy to knead again. Overall, I was really impressed with the MMF and I will definitely use it again. Not to mention the cost to make it was around 3 dlls.

Here is a picture of my first MMF cake.

small rose round pillow cake


Step-by-step Instructions on how to make Fondant Roses (as shown above)

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