I’ve been asked several times if I have something to say about ‘color bleeding’. By using the frosting recipes shown here and gel food coloring, I have never faced this problem. However, color bleeding is caused by many other reasons. During the cake decorating classes that I have taken, I have always heard that other’s cake frosting or cookie decorations have faded.

The primary reason was that they were left to direct SUN-LIGHT EXPOSURE. Make sure your cakes or cookies are not exposed to direct sun-light as this can fade the colors.

Also, MOISTURE is not good for frosting as this may cause the colors to bleed. Make sure your frozen cakes are completely thawed before you decorate them with colored frosting. The moisture from the frozen cake as it thawes will ‘sweat’ and dilute frosting ruining its consistency and in some cases diluting the color. Also, when you store your cake, do not cover it in an air-tight container as the cake will sweat if the heat rises.

When using COLOR FLOW, if the outline color is diferent than the filling, make sure you let the outline dry for a couple of hours before you proceed to filling your piece as this may cause bleeding.

If anyone reading this has any more comments to add, please feel free to do so. The purpose of this blog is to share our knowledge, please help us achieve that.